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Off-the-wall because the itinerary goes beyond – without avoiding – the political and religious questions overused by the media. It aspires to shed light on some of the little known artistic dynamics of either one, or both societies. People will be at the epicentre of the event, interactively exposing their creative initiatives, sharing their experiences and opinions.

The festival will last two days and take place in Paris. The event propose an original and multidisciplinary format made up of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, tastings, concerts and a theatre play. Participants will discover and enjoy a cultural space without borders, where it is possible to move smoothly from one encounter to the other.

The different artistic presentations will propel the audience into the heart of the Palestinian and Israeli societies. The added value of the program lies in its participants and their interactions with the audience. Our guests do not come to only exhibit but also to foster precious encounters just as it would happen through a journey.

Mostly Israeli or Palestinian, the artists are off-the-wall and creative. They have gained their legitimacy from living in the midst of the current situation and conflict on a daily-basis. They will come to Paris to share their projects and experiences with the audience